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12th July 2018

Long Lease Update


I am pleased to finally announce that we have signed a 25 year lease for the 9 holes on the council (Perdiswell) land.

As you know this has been a long time in the coming and am relieved that I can now draw a line under the protracted negotiations and start to focus on the future.

You may have read in my previous emails that there were some issues over the loss of open space and the council therefore sought to re-negotiate the terms of the lease.

Having signed the lease the land is no longer open space, it is leased to Pure Golf Ltd who in turn have agreed to access to the land at certain times and with certain restrictions.

The paths around the perimeter of the course and the footpath through the course are rights of way for the general public at all times and are not included in my lease and therefore access is unrestricted.

Access to the wider land is restricted to:

April to October before 9am and after 6pm
November to March before 9am and after 3pm

Along with the time restrictions, we are able to insist on certain behaviour conditions. These will include insisting people staying off the greens, tees and bunkers and that dogs must be under control.

The above is not ideal, however policing any access or control to the site was always going to be near on impossible as unfortunately we have a few people who are insistent on their opinion regarding the land.

Therefore, I am also pleased to say that tied in with the lease is a budget of funds promised by the council to improve the entrances, routes and paths around the land, signage and indeed safety of these holes. As part of a wider project, over the coming 12 months you will see improvements to the whole park making the unused land more appealing and the routes around our land, safer, dry and more obvious.

I actually believe, that although we have had to concede some access, we will end up with a better solution in reality and practice than if we just tried to fence it off!

I am sure that there will still be a few belligerent walkers who will purposefully break the rules, however, I believe most will be reasonable. I would advise golfers to be courteous and polite, avoiding arguments or conflict with walkers as I am sure the best way to get the desired result is to gently educate people.

Over the coming weeks I expect to have more detailed plans and expect to work with the council to advise the general public about the new rules on the land.

Thanks as always for your patience with this matter and hopefully here's looking forward to a bright future.

Yours sincerley
James Leaver
Director of Golf


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