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Turkey Trot (Xmas Dinner & Golf) (open to all)

10th Dec 2019

(up to 18 hcp.)

1st Ed Nicklin (12) 31 points

2nd Pat O’Mahony (18) 30 points

(18 – 24 hcp.)

1st Tony Cooper (19) 31 points

2nd Dave Steer (22) 30 points

(over 24 hcp.)

1st John Stonham (25) 28 points

2nd Dick Cumming (25) 19 points

The Annual Festive Competition and Christmas Dinner package known as the Turkey Trot wasn’t exactly blessed with favourable weather or conditions; it wasn’t a nice day out there and there were five ‘Wise Owls’ who pulled out at least 24 hours prior to first tee off,  two ‘Wise Monkeys’ who pulled out on the morning of the event and two ‘Not So Wise Monkeys’ who ran for the trees and then for cover in the Clubhouse after completing just eleven (dreadful holes).  Everyone else, ‘The Totally Unwise (bordering on insane)’, managed to get their ball (or balls in many cases as this was a Stableford event) round the entire course to post scores.  Unlike any other Competition at Ravenmeadow, the Turkey Trot plays out in Divisions based on handicaps with winner and runner-up in each division winning a voucher for a well known large Department Store rather than the, once traditional, now outdated Christmas ‘bird’.  Scoring was low!  In the division allocated to players with a handicap of up to eighteen, just 31 points was sufficient to ‘Mug’ the win;  twelve handicapper Ed Nicklin once again showed everyone else the way even with a card that only included five pars.  Three double bogies also went into Nicklin’s mixed bag but he very nearly erred himself out of contention when he somehow managed to make a total mess of the fourteenth hole with a quadruple bogey!  As he returned to the Clubhouse Nicklin wasn’t overly impressed with his round and was surprised when his points tally was then only matched once!  Luckily though that was by a Division 2 player!  Playing off eighteen, Pat O’Mahony posted 30 points and was shocked to find himself as runner-up in his division just one shot behind Nicklin;  a fantastic eagle on the ninth hole, a birdie on the sixteenth and two pars helped keep O’Mahony up close and personal to Nicklin but  three double bogies, two triples and failure to score on two holes left his card looking a bit like an unstable sine-wave.  Nonetheless, although finishing fourth across the competition, he still managed to grab himself second place in his division.  Tony Cooper won the nineteen to twenty-four division with his 31 points; actually finishing second in the entire field,  nineteen handicapper Cooper only managed to find two holes in regulation and even with six double bogies and a triple on the seventeenth he had got himself over his divisional winning line with a one shot advantage.  Twenty-two handicapper Dave Steer brought in 30 points to finish runner-up to Cooper; Steer also carded just two pars in his round and five double bogies, two triples and a quadruple didn’t do his cause too much good either.  However with a  shot-in-hand on his closest rival Steer held on and managed to haul himself into the prizes.  Second in his division and third in the field, Steer challenged well and could easily have fared better.   Twenty-five handicapper John Stonham posted 28 points to finish seventh overall but win the over twenty-four handicap division;  just a single par went on Stonham’s card and unfortunately he also returned seven double bogies, two triples and failed to score on another two holes.  Stonham’s multiple errant holes didn’t prove too disastrous at the close of play though as his closest divisional rival finished a ‘country mile’ behind him.  Also playing off twenty-five, Dick Cumming posted a lowly 19 points but still, somehow, managed to claim his divisional runner-up prize.  In fifteenth place overall, Cumming’s card was a strange thing indeed and included two bogies, six double bogies, four triple bogies, three quadruples and two no-scores.  Then, from somewhere deep down and dirty Cumming cards himself an excellent birdie on the sixteenth.  Funny old game this golf!!  With temperatures quite low, swirling winds, patchy rain and sticky conditions this was always going to be a day that would benefit the lower handicappers who could carry the ball further in the air, keep a tight-reign on things, stay out of trouble and read the greens.  No-one actually managed to get all of the aforementioned golfing codes under their total control but a great time was had by all.  To round the day off the, by then warmed up and dried off, players were fed with an excellent four course Christmas Dinner which was served quickly and efficiently all topped off by a surprise and hilarious  ‘jack-in-the-box’ experience from our very own Hostess-With-The-Mostess, Angela Leaver.


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